The Armed and Dangerous Series. By Dee Songer


 Below, you can hear "The Preacher Pleads"


Below, this rendition of "Wade in the Water" will bring tears to your eyes and chills to your flesh !


An Angel Came

Dee Songer 10/14/11

An Angel came along one day

Put her arm and wing around me

Wiped a tear from my weeping eye

In my greatest time of need

Her voice was soft and caring

Her concern, most genuine

She let me know without a doubt

She’s with me all the time

This angel showed me something

I had never seen before

The love of God in action

For the hurting and the poor

This angel is my Pastor

Melinda, is her name

She’s wonderful and merciful

I am so glad that she came

A teacher and a preacher

But so much more than that, you see

A mom, a friend, a sister

A helping hand to all in need

Yes, an angel came along one day

God’s gift to us, His church

I wonder.  Did He send her?

To show us His greatest work? 

Mommy, can we eat today?”

I heard the youngest child say

As his tummy cried out loud

I felt God’s Angels crowd around

Help them daughter, with My Bread

Do what you can to keep them fed

I’ll provide what you can not

Pour it out; I’ll fill your pot

All My saints will make you strong

Hold them close, they’ll carry you along

Just remember, you too were there

When you had no hope, and no one cared

So, I lifted you up, from your pit

And caused your foot not to slip

Now you, My child will be My hands

Show My love to all you can

Feed the poor, shelter the cold

Shoulder the hurting, shepherd the fold

Let them know they’re not alone

And one day, I’ll bring them Home

What you’ve given, they will now give

They’ll recognize, what it is to live

To be a blessing, no matter the cost

To bring The Gospel; to all that’s lost.