The Armed and Dangerous Series. By Dee Songer


About Dee Songer.

Author of "Armed and Dangerous". Singer/songwriter/musician. Look for Merciful Mess on myspace... and Merciful Mess Music on "" and now videos on You Tube

I'm a liver and learner of past trials, addictions, and domestic violence. I am no longer a victim, but I have learned so much from being one in the past. I've learned to take hold of my life, and not to let the people of my life take hold of me. Music and writing are my true gifts of expression. I have a musicians page on myspace with a lot of newer originals for everyone to listen to. "MercifulMess" on myspace. Check it out!!! And look for "DeeSonger" on You Tube for music, and and create space, for my newest book: "Armed and Dangerous"

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Dee Songer

Kipling, NC 27543

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